Childrens Author JJ Kat

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A few notes from JJ Kat to young readers:

Thank you for reading about Max, Scooter, Yoshi, Chai and Tiny and their Curious Mysterious Happenings. They are so smart and brave.  And that Valentino…he’s an interesting chihuahua…full of love and mischief.

As a children’s author, I love writing stories about animals for children to read and enjoy. If  my wonderful bunch of heroic lion-cats and their sidekick Valentino make you smile or even laugh out loud, then I have a happy heart.

I believe, unconditionally, that children and animals are the innocents of our world and must be protected and cared for.

Mice don’t belong in your home unless they’ve been invited in as your pet. But sometimes they wander in by mistake and just want to go home. So be gentle to a lost mouse and don’t be scared…because the mouse is already scared and he just wants to go home.

You may never see a Pika because they live so high up in the mountains or in other countries such as China but they are adorable, aren’t they?  They have such a good work ethic and have gentle souls.

Pikas love cold weather and find it in Eastern Europe as well as Asia and North America.

The Pika looks like a little rabbit and is sometimes called a Rock Hare. But the Pika’s squeak sounds like a mouse.

And best of all, Pikachu, a favorite Pokemon, is said to be inspired by the Pika. Some discussions say Pikachu is a squirrel but our Pika looks and sounds like a Pikachu. You can read about the Pika and discover all you care to know in the library or on the internet.

Happy learning and thank you for reading The Curious Mysterious Happenings of Blind Mice and Lost Pikas.